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The Coaching Process

There are many different types of life coaches, with different focuses from business to relationships to physical fitness. I am specifically trained and certified to work holistically with people in all areas of their lives where they desire change. I believe true lasting transformation starts on the inside- then moves outward.  In addition, I have extensive personal and professional knowledge of the twelve-step program, and I incorporate them with coaching tools. Together we design an individualized road map for your success. Recovery goes beyond abstinence. We explore your Life purpose and then set specific and achievable goals for your future. I also work with families and friends of those with addictions, and treat their specific and often unnoticed personal challenges. My vision is to radically change the success rate of recovery so that sobriety becomes a reality for all those who seek it.

In order to succeed at anything in life, you must first look inward at what fears and beliefs may be keeping you from reaching your goals. However, that is not enough. You must then get clarity by identifying the obstacles and developing strategies. Once you do that, you take ACTION. In this way, you can achieve true happiness and abundance.

 Everyone can learn to access their inner guidance and begin to trust their instincts. By combining inner work with the strategies and accountability of the outer work, you will gain the clarity, courage, and confidence you need to start living your life to the fullest possible expression of you!

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